Relevant Information/Instruction for the Application for the GCM-TEF Scholarship for Undergraduate Students

  1. Introduction

The undergraduate scholarship has two categories of beneficiaries: brilliant and needy (70% of the scholarship) and extremely needy (30% of the scholarship). The objective in both cases is to provide financial assistance and motivate students to aspire higher. Interested undergraduate students will complete an online application form and submit with all relevant supplementary documents. The Governing Board will vet the application forms and select the awardees based on recommendations by UMaT, and exceptional awardees will be selected to be part of the Industry Training Programme. The number of the exceptional awardees will depend on the request by the member companies of the Chamber. The scholarship application will open by the end of 1st August, 2022 and complete by 22nd August, 2022.

1.1        Eligibility Criteria for Undergraduate Applicants

To be eligible for the scholarship, the applicant must:

  1. Be a Ghanaian according to the Constitution of Ghana, with proof of citizenship;
  2. Be a FIRST- or a SECOND-year student of UMaT;
  3. Not be a beneficiary of any other full scholarship that fully covers Academic Facility User Fee (AFUF) and Residential Facility User Fee (RFUF) at the time of application;
  4. Be law-abiding and be of good behaviour as stipulated in the UMaT Student Guide;
  5. Have a strong academic ability with a minimum CWA of 75% (proof of signed academic record) and a financial need (proof of parents/guardians’ financial position) (at least 70% of funds will be in this category). In special circumstances of extreme and emergency financial need backed by documentary evidence, an applicant with CWA of at least 60% shall be considered (at most 30% of funds will be in this category).
  6. Apply and submit a Completed Application Form for the Scholarship award before the deadline for the submission of the application;
  7. Submit only one application, and
  8. Undertake to comply with any other criteria that may be set by the GCM-TEF Board at the time of the award or disbursement.

1.2        Accessing the Scholarship and Important Deadlines

  1. The scholarship is to be accessed online through the UMaT website or directly at https://gcmtef.umat.edu.gh/.
  2. The GCM-TEF of UMaT will liaise with the ICT Unit to open the application by 1st August, 2022.
  3. Applicants must access and complete the scholarship application form online, and submit the completed form online before the deadline. The application deadline is 22nd August, 2022.
  4. Incomplete applications and applications submitted after the deadline shall not be considered.
  5. The GCM-TEF of UMaT will review the application documents and recommend shortlisted applicants to the Governing Board through the Vice Chancellor by 23rd September, 2022.
  6. Parents/Guardians may be contacted for further clarification.

1.3        Value of the Scholarship

  1. The average yearly budget for the Scholarship shall be the cedi equivalent of $46,800 and for this cohort, a maximum of 18 applicants would be covered depending on their requests.
  2. The value of scholarship for one applicant shall not exceed GH¢ 5,000, and shall cover:
    • Academic Facility User Fee (AFUF) (Partial or Full); and/or
    • Residential Facility User Fee (RFUF) (university approved rates); and/or

1.4        Payment to Beneficiaries

Payment of the scholarship amount shall be made through the University, which will deduct the Academic Facility User Fee (AFUF) and other approved fees, and Residential Facility User Fee (RFUF), where applicable, before the rest is reimbursed to the beneficiary for stipend and/or other living allowances.

1.5        Renewal and Continuity of Scholarship

The scholarship shall be awarded for one academic year. Renewal of scholarship is not automatic. Renewal and continuation of awards shall be contingent upon maintaining good academic progress, and satisfying all the eligibility criteria. UMaT shall conduct annual assessment of the awardees’ suitability for renewal of the scholarship and recommend for the Governing Board’s approval.

1.6        Advantage for Visible Minority

The scholarship is open to all qualified applicants irrespective of gender. However, women and disadvantaged persons (for example, persons with disability, persons from less endowed communities) who meet the required criteria would be given preference.

1.8        Termination of Scholarship

The scholarship of a beneficiary student may be terminated if the beneficiary:

  1. Engages in examination malpractice and/or misconduct of any form as stipulated in the UMaT Student Guide;
  2. Is deceased;
  3. Is found to be enjoying full scholarship from (an)other organisation(s) that fully covers approved fees of the University (AFUF and RFUF and Stipend);
  4. Abandons the programme of study;
  5. Defers the programme of study except for special reasons such as on medical grounds;
  6. Changes his/her programme of study;
  7. Fails to use the scholarship for its intended purposes; and
  8. Is found to have provided false information at the time of application or at any point in time. Such a student shall be made to refund all monies paid to him or her from the Fund and face all other sanctions provided in the University Statute, Student Guide and other laws/regulations in respect of false declaration and deceit of public officers.

1.9     Criteria for Selection of Applicants

The Selection Committee will use the following in selecting applicants for the award:

  • Completed application document as a pre-requisite (incomplete applications/lack of supporting documents will not be considered);
  • Cumulative Weighted Average (CWA) of students not below 75% for brilliant and needy students and 60% for extremely needy students: (maximum mark of 40 to be awarded);
  • Evidence attesting ones’ needs (parent/guardian’s current job, pay-slip, physical state, etc) (maximum mark of 35);
  • Applicant’s letter of motivation (maximum mark of 15); and
  • Recommendation letter (maximum mark of 10).

Download Application Form

Note: All completed application forms must be submitted to: gcmtef-ug@umat.edu.gh