(2022/2023 ACADEMIC YEAR)                         

Relevant Information/Instruction for the GCM-TEF Application Form for Secondment of Faculty Members of UMaT to Industry


  1. Introduction

The objective is to provide placement for secondment of Faculty members (Senior Lecturers and below) in Mining firms to strengthen industry-academia linkage for mutual benefit of the industry and the University. The period will be 3-6 weeks per year within the Lecturer’s leave period and the Companies’ availability as agreed upon between the University Training Unit and the Human Resources Office of the Mining companies. The procedure for the secondment will be initiated by UMaT September, each year. The average yearly budget for the Secondment Programme shall be the cedi equivalent of $7,600 to cover for transportation and other logistics.

1.1 Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Secondment, an applicant must:

  1. Be a Faculty Member at the level of Senior Lecturer or below,
  2. Not have benefitted on two concurrent times, unless there are no other applicants for the same position,
  3. Submit the application form before the deadline, and
  4. Undertake to comply with principles set out by the Governing Board, UMaT and the Mine regarding the Secondment Programme.

1.2  Accessing the Secondment Programme

  1. The University Training Unit will call for application from interested Faculty for Secondment Programme 28th July, 2023
  2. Lecturers will complete the application form, indicate preferred Mining Companies and  Department/Section of their choice.
  3. The form should be endorsed by Heads of Department before submission by 4th August each year.
  4. The University Training Unit will make a request for available placements to the Governing Board through the Vice Chancellor by 7th August each year (The Unit will indicate the two vacation periods in the University).
  5.  The Governing Board will respond with available placement opportunities at the individual mining companies by 7th September, each year.
  6. Selection of qualified members will be done by the Training Unit and the Standing UMaT GCM-TEF Committee by 22nd November each year.
  7. Letters to selected staff will be sent out by 30th November each year.
  8. Secondment period will be four to six weeks during the long vacation and three weeks during the Christmas break.
  9. The Host Mining Company will take care of the Lecturers’ transportation, accommodation, feeding and other logistics.
  10. Lecturers on secondment will deliver a seminar upon successful completion of the period.

Download Application Form

Note: Completed application form must be submitted to: gcmtef-sfm@umat.edu.gh