• Managing mineworker fatigue
  • Occupational exposure assessment of mineworkers
  • Improving incident investigations in Ghanaian mines
  • Safety culture improvement
  • Measuring and managing mineworkers whole body vibration exposures
  • Improving mobile mining equipment related safety
  • Land reclamation and rehabilitation
  • Air pollution monitoring and control
  • Mine wastewater treatment using locally produced plant-based coagulant
  • Land grabbing in mining communities: inequalities, policies, politics and economic argument
  • Small scale mining activities in Tarkwa Nsuaem Municipality: Winners and Losers
  • Exploration for Hydrocarbon Resources using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) within Ghanaian Sedimentary Basins (Synopsis attached)
  • Determination of subsurface features using seismic Techniques
  • Reservoir compactmentalisation
  • Correlations of hydrocarbons and rocks
  • Development of Process Technology for Pre-treatment of Gold Loaded Carbon Fines to enhance leachability of their gold content during CIL/CIP Gold Processing Operations.
  • Evaluation of groundwater pollution in mining area using analytical solution
  • Mine tailing disposal site: contamination problem and remedial option
  • Mine Water balance, Water Quality and Waste Management Modelling
  • Seepage and slope stability modelling of rainfall-induced slope failures
  • Assessment of Rock Fall and Development of Rock Fall Strategies
  • Exploration: study geology and ore formation processes to locate new mineral resources for mine
  • Assess and analyze geological data to advice on mine production plans
  • How do we Account for Sustainability in Waste Management in Mining Areas using Geospatial information Technology?
  • How do we involve and empower local communities to employ sustainable goals and Geospatial Information Technology in Waste Management in Mining Areas
  • Stool Land Boundary Dispute Resolution in Mining Communities using UAV Technology and Participatory Approaches for Peaceful Coexistence and Accelerated Development Community sensitization of specific mining companies CRS intervention
  • Enhancing the capacity building of SME’s (local content) in the Tarkwa environs to compete favourably with the companies from the cities for the award of major contracts and also having easy access to credits from the financial institutions
  • The mining industry and Corporate Social Responsibility: Motive driven of need driven? The question we seek to answer in the study include the following:
    1. Do mining organizations have budget for CSR yearly?
    1. What percentage of organization budget are devoted for CRS?
    2. Are the CSR performed mainly based on the need of the communities in the mining area?
    3. Are the CSR activities mainly performed based on the benefits mining companies expect from such act?
    4. Who are the main determinant of the CSR activities performed by mining companies?
  • Small Scale Mining(SSM) and community share of proceeds
    1. Who owns the SSM companies in the catchment areas?
    2. Who are the main workers of SSM companies?
    3. What percentage of the mining proceeds are retained in the mining communities?
  • Equipping the Small Scale Miners(SSM) with management of financial skills. This will be a series of workshops organized for SSM in Western Region. It will seek to encompass the following areas;
    1. Basic book keeping techniques
    2. Basic management principles
    3. Financial Literacy Knowledge
    4. Available investment vehicles in Ghana
  • Project Managements Training for Mining Firms Supplier and Their Suppliers. 

    Mining firms’ dependency on their suppliers and suppliers-supplier is key to daily survival of any mining firm. This dependency contributes significantly to mining firms’ supply chain effectiveness and efficiency. Mining firms can attain such a goal by dedicating resources to train their suppliers and their suppliers on project management

  • Bookkeeping Trainings for Garages in Tarkwa. I had the opportunity to interact with Tarkwa Garages Association and one major problem they are facing is how to keep up with  the daily income and expenses